Everything you need for an effective and affordable rural healthcare marketing program


Engaging your community and raising awareness of your rural hospital has never been easier.

Marketing ToolBox

So you’ve never written a radio script or newspaper ad, and if you did, was it effective? Worry no more. SRJEasyHealthcare provides you with press releases, radio scripts, newspaper advertisements, social media and other materials—all customized for you facility. These market-tested marterials are created by professional copywriters, graphic artists and digital designers. You have everything you need at your fingertips to raise community awareness, increase customer base and keep those board members happy.


Training and Support

We want you and your hospital to succeed. SRJEasyHealthcare provides monthly webinars to walk you through your marketing plan for the month. These webinars detail how to use SRJEasyHealthcare marketing material and help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. One-on-one monthly coaching calls are also available to assist you with obtainable, laser-focused goals on positioning  your brand as a trusted community leader.


A Community for You

You aren’t alone with SRJEasyHealthcare! Your membership includes exclusive access to a growing online forum created specifically for you to network and share ideas with other rural healthcare marketing professionals. Two or even twenty heads are definitely better than one.

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Steven R. Jolly, Founder/CEO

SRJEasyHealthcare.com was created by healthcare strategist, coach and consultant Steven R. Jolly to help small and rural hospital educate their communities about healthcare services and compete with big-budget urban hospitals. Patients demand more from hospitals, so healthcare marketing teams need to have tools at the ready to meet the growing needs of their communities.

Steven R. Jolly understands the challenges facing rural hospitals today. He knows that few rural hospitals have the human or financial resources they need to effectively communicate with the communities they serve.

This program is designed specifically to empower rural healthcare providers to accomplish the following:

  • Slow out-migration
  • Increase market share
  • Build trust and goodwill in the communities they serve

Steven is the founder and CEO of SRJ Marketing Communications, a full-service marketing and public relations agency specializing in the rural healthcare industry. Steven has earned a reputation for helping healthcare providers expand their market share, communicate more effectively with patients, and use the latest technologies to target the right audiences with the right tools.

Steven has been working with rural hospital teams for nearly 30 years to develop cost-effective, community-focused marketing and communications strategies. Because he has spent so much time working directly with rural healthcare teams in their communities, he understands the challenges facing rural hospitals today. That is why he has developed this program with the specific needs of rural hospitals and their healthcare teams in mind.

Steven is one of the foremost experts in rural healthcare customer service, marketing and PR in the United States. He is committed to ensuring that rural hospitals succeed in today’s market.

  About SRJEasyHealthcare.com

SRJEasyHealthcare.com is a membership-based resource for materials and training designed to help rural hospital executives market     to their communities in the most efficient and effective way possible by providing them with the marketing tools they need to succeed.

We know that rural hospitals have limited marketing budgets, so we have designed SRJEasyHealthcare.com to simplify and streamline the marketing process. We are committed to helping our members succeed by providing exclusive access to the tools and training that we have developed during nearly three decades of empowering healthcare teams. With SRJEasyHealthcare, everything you need for a powerful, cost-effective marketing strategy is at your fingertips.

With ready-made tools and strategies to increase efficiency, rural hospitals’ marketing teams can focus their energy and limited resources on building better relationships with their communities and communicating with patients, who need to know that there is a place where they can find everything they need.