10 benefits of a patient-centered hospital website

Hospitals compete for customers just like other businesses. Today’s patients are sophisticated consumers and avid researchers as well. A Deloitte study says that 77% of them use search and 83% visit hospital websites before setting up appointments.

The decision process is indeed influenced by digital content. That’s why it’s critical to put the patient at the center of a hospital website.

Forget the past. To be original and appealing your hospital website must be built from a fresh, solid foundation.  Patient-centered hospital websites present meaningful and relevant information with intuitive, easy-to-use navigation for locating useful or actionable information quickly.

Simple, clear navigation is a critical aspect of a hospital web design as many of the visitors will be scanning for information in a hurry.  Hospital websites will keep visitors engaged with the content and encourage them to spend more time on the site. A professional hospital website can lower bounce rates and send positive signals to Google, boosting your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.                                  

Is your Rural Hospital Website Design designed and updated from a patient’s perspective? Put yourself in their shoes. Your patients want and expect health care delivered with a sense of immediacy and convenience. They are most likely to go online first, and nearly all of them (90%) will begin a search with their mobile device.

 A responsive, mobile-friendly hospital web design is non-negotiable. Google rewards mobile-friendly hospital sites with improved search rankings and visibility. Whether viewed on desktop or mobile, the website is a core element of any branding strategy as it is a cost-effective and appealing channel to reach out, scale to potential patients and their network of friends.

Rural hospitals websites offer an opportunity to showcase your brand and to tell your story in a compelling manner. Profile your doctors and interview them. Along with photos, include info about education, areas of practice, and offbeat nuggets such as hobbies. Provide info on the departments, your services, and an interactive map to locate your facility.

The content you publish should be complete, accurate, up-to-date and easy to understand without jargon.  Don’t fall into the trap of content overload. Make every element (text, photo, video, flash animation) clear to visitors. To make this possible rely on a good web team experienced in web design for rural hospitals

When done well, patients and visitors find hospital blogs a goldmine of content featuring medical tips, treatment programs, diagnosis, trends, general discussion on a range of diseases and more.

A 3D tour of the hospital provides a positive user experience. You can include video clips that demonstrate how a procedure works or a doctor’s interview. Enabling appointment booking with doctors and live chat sessions will add value as well.

An effective rural hospital website with useful features and interactivity can help in 10 ways:

1. Reach out to potential patients and/or their influencers in a cost-effective manner

2. Get casual visitors interested in your services and ready to book an appointment or sign up for newsletters

3. Gather a database of potential patients you can contact

4. Improve brand recognition and positive image of your hospital

5. Establish expertise in select specialties and treatments

6. Make a great first impression with a potential patient

7. Generate a growing interest and a desire to buy, order, consult

8. Promote doctors, enhance visibility on search engines and boost rankings

9. Offer a human touch and present a likable brand personality

10. Discuss trends, best-in-class practices, share success stories

Don’t underestimate the power of an appealing rural hospital website design. If your site is not professionally designed and up-to-date, you may have trouble connecting with visitors.

A well-designed rural hospital website opens a window to have a heart-to-heart interaction with your potential patients. Tell your story and keep it compelling and positive.

Interested in a patient-centered hospital website?

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