Fall Into Better Social Media Habits

Fall Into Better Social Media Habits

Now is an important time for hospitals and clinics to commit to better marketing. Social media is a great place to start. 

As the weather cools down this fall, more people will be thinking about common health issues such as colds and flus. With these issues on people’s minds, they will be looking to the web to find information about their health. Where does your social media account fit into the conversation?

Use your social media presence to give them the information they need

Your social media presence is a great place to give your community important information to help them stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Post articles about ways they can protect their health.

Use social media to raise awareness of important services. 

Now is a great time to raise awareness of the availability of flu shots. In fact, fall is the most important time to do use your social media presence to talk about flu shots. 

Get the word out. If you plan on organizing a flu shot event, promote it on your social media accounts. 

Commit to better content this fall

Remember, quality content:

  • Informs
  • Is consistently fresh
  • Is relevant to your target audience

Now is an important time for rural hospitals and clinics to engage their local communities, and social media is an excellent tool that you should be using often and with the needs of your audience in mind. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach your community over social media. Need help? Give me a call – 1-800-441-7401.